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Effect of morphology on organic thin film transistor sensors

analyticalchemistry 2This review provides a general introduction to organic field-effect transistors and their application as chemical sensors. Thin film transistor device performance is greatly affected by the molecular structure and morphology of the organic semiconductor layer. Various methods for organic semiconductor deposition are surveyed. Recent progress in the fabrication of organic thin film transistor sensors as well as the correlation between morphology and analyte response is discussed.

Published on: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Number 2 January 2006

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Cover Image: SEM image of data of a pentacene transistor of 22 nm channel in response to 1-pentanol, with Vg=-2V; Vds=Vside=-0,4V and v=45mL/min for different d (nozzle-device distance), taken after measuremnt, grain ~ 80nm, scale bar=100nm. The appearing grains are pentacene. (From L. Wang, D. Fine, D. Sharma, L. Torsi, A. Dodabalapur "Nanoscale organic and polymeric fiel-effect transistor sas chemical sensors", Fig.8, p.310)