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Prof. Torsi is presently president of the Degree Course in Material Sciences at University of Bari “Aldo Moro”.

She currently teaches for both the Degree Course in Material Sciences and Chemistry

Analytical Spectroscopy with laboratory
Program:Introduction to spectroscopic analytical method; Analytical spectroscopy instrumentation; Introduction to Absorption Spectroscopy; Application of Molecular Absorption spectroscopy in UV-vis range; Fluorescence, phosphorescence and molecular chemiluminescence spectroscopies; Atomic spectroscopy, Thin film analysis with electron beam.
Experimental classes.

Analytical Chemistry of Materials and Devices
Program: Introduction to surface analytical spectroscopy; Industrial application of XPS; Fundamental aspects of photoemission spectroscopy: XPS and Auger. Specific aspects of XPS. XPS and Auger instrumentation. Applicative aspects of XPS spectral fitting analysis of polymers. Fundamental aspects and instrumentation of SEM and TEM. Morphological analysis of nanostructured systems.

Sensors and devices for analytical chemistry 
Program: From atoms to solids. Conductors, semiconductors and insulators. Fermi-Dirac statistic. Fermi level of metals. Photoelectric effect. Fermi level of semiconductors. Charge transport of intrinsic semiconductors. Doping of semiconductors. Charge transport in a doped semiconductor. Contact potential. Schottky, ohmic and rectifying junctions. p-n diods. Etero-junctions solid-liquid. MIS diods. IGFET transistors: operation and electrical characteristics. Conducting polymers: electrochemical synthesis, band structure and electrical properties. Organic thin film devices: LED, TFT and gas sensors. Analytical sensors based on ion sensitive filed effect transistors (CHEMFET e ISFET).